L´Oréal Digital Event 2021

300 participants


CUBEX Centre Prague

A digital event for L'Oréal Professionnel, we streamed the entire event from a virtual studio located in CUBEX Center Prague. The event was accompanied by a professional moderator accompanied by hair specialists from the client. The live broadcast was supplemented with educational videos, live discussions with guests in the studio, and even about a world-famous American hairdresser whowas connecting virtually from New York. There was a DJ before the start of the stream.

a group of models standing in a room
a group of people in a room with a lighting equipment
a group of people on a green screen
a group of people in a room with a piano
a person in a white coat standing in front of a table with a microscope and other equipment
a person in a suit and tie sitting in front of a television
a group of people sitting in chairs in front of a green screen