Brewers Forum 2023

Praha, KCP, Staropramen, Červený Jelen

Number of participants: 600


The goal of the event was to express a better tomorrow, thanks to internal changes across the company. For the 600 participants, a rich professional program was prepared at the Prague Congress Centre in Vyšehrad, including plenary sessions, breakthrough seminars and practical workshops on the latest topics on all aspects of the world of beer, from brewing technology to sustainability.

The opening reception at the Staropramen Brewery and Conference ended with the Closing Reception at the Červený Jelen Restaurant. After the official end of the conference on Wednesday 24 May, particiapnts were able to take part in one of 9 technical tours of breweries scheduled throughout the Czech Republic – they visited Pilsen, České Budějovice, Žatec and others.

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